Rain, Winds Make for a Stay-At-Home Weekend

Welcome to winter: Rain, thunderstorms, high winds this morning, and the weekend isn't looking much better

Travel's busiest weekend of the year dawned with cold, rain, wind and more of the same on the way.

Highs are expected to be in the mid 50s today. Rain and thunderstorms are likely to continue tonight with southern winds up to 20 mph.

Looking forward through the weekend, rain and thunderstorms are likely on Saturday, with highs expected to be in the mid 50s, and southwest winds around 20 mph.

The warnings become more foreboding as elevations increase. There may be blinding snowstorms and whiteout conditions Highways 50 and 80, popular routes to Tahoe and the Sierra.

Motorists should be prepared with food, water and blankets in case they have to hunker down in their vehicles on the side of the road.

The Napa detailed weather forecast on Weather.gov shows rain predicted for the next week, though the sun might show up for Christmas Tuesday. Highs will likely be in the mid-40s, and lows in the 30s all week long.

If you're headed to the coast, be advised a high surf advisory is in effect until 4 p.m. Saturday.

Bay City News, Rosemont Patch contributed to this report


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