Napa's "Zombie Nurse" Crusades for Flu Shots (VIDEO)

In a vintage 1940s nurse's uniform, Napa County public health educator Cara Mae McGarry is getting the word out about Wednesday's mass vaccination clinic/Halloween party at the Health and Human Services campus on Old Sonoma Road.

Attacked by a zombie during World War II, Napa's undead nurse now exists to prevent others from suffering the way she does.

That's the story behind Cara Mae McGarry's Halloween costume, which won first prize at Saturday's Napa Valley AIDS Walk and costume contest. Watch the video for more about McGarry's costume.

A public health educator for Napa County, McGarry is on a mission to make sure Napans get vaccinated against the flu — which, she says, can make you feel like a zombie.

Check out McGarry's Zombie Blog on Napa Valley Patch, and expect plenty of other costumed characters at the "Zombie Flu Clinic and Halloween Health Fair" Wednesday from 1 to 4 p.m. at Napa County Health and Human Services Agency, 2344 Old Sonoma Rd, Napa.

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