More Rain Headed for the North Bay

Napa County was one of the rainiest places in the Bay Area over the recent bout of storms — and now more precipitation is on its way.

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The weekend's heavy rains soaked the San Francisco Bay Area, causing minor flooding, impacting sporting events and triggering power outages.

More rain is in the forecast beginning Tuesday morning, hitting the North Bay first then traveling south through the Bay Area. A half-inch to inch of rain is expected in the North Bay, with the rest of the area getting one-third to one-half an inch of precipitation, according to the National Weather Service.

It will also be windy again, but not as gusty as last weekend, according to the NWS.

"Speeds don't look that impressive," the NWS reported Monday.

But the five-day rainfall totals for the Bay Area the NWS released Monday were impressive.

Venado, west of Healdsburg in Sonoma County, and Mount Umunhum, in Santa Clara County, topped the list with 15.88 and 15.72 inches of rain, respectively.

Here are rainfall totals from around the Bay Area.

Location County Rainfall Total Mount St. Helena Napa 12.95 inches Atlas Peak Napa 10.20 inches La Honda San Mateo 8.74 inches Sonoma Airport Sonoma 7.85 inches Mount Hamilton Santa Clara 7.57 inches San Rafael Civic Center Marin 7.35 inches Santa Rosa Sonoma 6.44 inches Napa city Napa 4.87 inches Morgan Hill Santa Clara 4.78 inches Gilroy Santa Clara 4.20 inches SFO San Mateo 3.78 inches Napa County Airport Napa 3.06 inches Redwood City San Mateo 2.73 inches Moffett Field Santa Clara 2.66 inches San Jose International Airport Santa Clara 2.45 inches

The torrential downpour soaked hillsides, caused creek levels to rise and swamped roads. In Marin County, it forced the cancellation of the North Face Endurance Series trail races Sunday at Fort Berry in the Gold Gate National Recreation Area because the trails were too soggy, and there were flash flood watches and concerns about debris flows.

In San Bruno, Cupid Row overflowed into a community garden. See photos and videos here.

There were traffic issues throughout the Bay Area. Small mudslides blocked lanes on Highway 17 in the Santa Cruz Mountains, and downed trees and flooding impacted parts of the Peninsula during the weekend.

In Napa County, the river peaked slightly above flood stage Sunday evening, flooding vineyards in Oak Knoll and St. Helena, but the river remained within its banks as it flowed through the county seat. Some riverfront parks were closed by the high water levels.

For a gallery of more than 50 Napa County images from the weekend, please see High Water in the Napa Valley: Share Photos Here.

City of Napa spokesman Barry Martin, in a series of interviews aired Sunday on KCBS radio, said more than a decade of flood-control project work, paid for by a voter-approved countywide sales tax and federal matching funds, is showing its worth.

To watch a video of how the flood control improvements are working on Napa Creek, please see Flood Control Tames Napa Creek

In Capitola, in Santa Cruz County, a dead man was found floating in a rain-swollen creek Friday.

The popular Calistoga lighted tractor parade went off as scheduled Saturday night despite steady rain.

More than 100 flights coming in and out of the San Francisco International Airport were affected during the days-long stormy weather.

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How were you affected by the storms? Tell us in the comments, and share your storm/rain/kids in cute rubber boots photos by clicking the green camera button to the upper right.

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Eve Keller December 04, 2012 at 03:26 PM
Riverpointe Napa Valley was evacuated and my Christmas vacation was canceled. I was due to fly out on Saturday and spend the week in Napa with my family. We are so upset. I live in Indianapolis, they live in Denver. It was gramma's 80th birthday and she chose Napa so many months ago. So I guess I am staying in Indianapolis and will see Gramma next year. So sad. ~Eve
MICHAEL WILSON "Republican Kid" December 04, 2012 at 03:48 PM
This evacuation plan was a condition of Riverpoints construction in the mid 1990s. We as a communaty are lucky Riverpoint went in there. If the park had been left as a Pay as you stay RV lot. You could imagine the kind if crowd, That would be camped out there. The Place started at an upscale RV park It never got the nice RVs. Eve I am sorry about you Christmas. Could you Stay in a Hotel we have many nice places in the Valley
Ash Leigh December 04, 2012 at 06:51 PM
I was out at the Riverpointe NV/River trail on Sunday and saw how fast they got those "homes" out of there. If it's a time-share, I'm sure you can use the points with a sister-company elsewhere in Napa.


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