A Big Thank You to those who voted yes on Measure U

Although Measure U was defeated, at the very least, it put Howell Mountain into the hearts and minds of Napa County residents.

Although Measure U was defeated, at the very least, it put Howell Mountain into the hearts and minds of Napa County residents. Previously, Angwin was nothing but an out of sight, out of mind somewhere dot in rural Napa County. Measure U made Howell Mountain visible.

The Measure U campaign was a grass roots effort which could not compete with the nearly half a million dollar campaign run by Pacific Union College. Sadly, and we all know this, money buys votes.

Nevertheless, I think that many of you who gave your support by voting yes, and even those who voted no (putting trust in local government to control growth in rural Napa County), will stand by us as developers emerge from the woodwork.

The community of Angwin will need your support in the months to come. We need to think beyond Measure U at this point. One defeat doesn't equate to entirely giving up.






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Alex Shantz November 07, 2012 at 05:43 PM
I see a lot of parallels between the NO on U campaign and the NO on 37 campaign. Both campaigns were funded by deep pockets and engaged in extremely dirty campaign tactics. And, all to instill enough baseless fear and doubt into voters to convince them to vote no.
vocal-de-local November 07, 2012 at 08:28 PM
Exactly Alex. Although I will say this: Both campaigns brought an issue to the forefront. All of the hard work was not entirely in vain. In the case of prop 37, I really think voters were duped into thinking their food prices would increase. This goes to show you just how little people care about the future of their children (and this is in California where you would think the average voter would be smarter!) . The bodies of growing children will be subjected to chemicals we know very little about. A majority of Californians care more about the miniscule (if any) increased expense of food much more than they care about their own health or the health of their children. Regarding defeat of Measure U, once again voters are influenced by big corporate money which begs the question of where PUC came up with nearly half a million dollars for a campaign fund when they cry "poor us". If we cover our local ag lands up with housing, we further reduce the acreage available for growth of food. This may not make any difference to the average voter now but when food prices hit the ceiling due to high transportation costs, voters will be wishing they had supported the protection of land that is capable of growing food. Keeping food local reduces our food dependency on Mexico and on oil rich countries.


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