What to expect after "Decision 2012"

Voters heard and read a lot of campaign rhetoric before yesterday's election. Here is what we should expect based on the losing sides' arguments.

Well, if we believe all the pre-election rhetoric from the losing sides here is what we can expect after yesterday's election: 

1. We will all start calling each other "comrade" and be living in communal housing after our wealth is "re-distributed" by 2014.

2. Cal. prop 30 will "tax us to death" and all funds will be wasted on salaries and perks for state employees, but since we will all be dead we won't care.

3.  Cal prop 32 will limit the purchase of politicians to corporations only as unions won't be able to buy their votes any more making them more irrelevant than ever.

4. Cal Prop 34's defeat will keep the death penalty, thereby ensuring that no one is executed in California and that more tax dollars will be spent on convicted murderers than universities but ironically, death row inmates can now get a college education, (see prop 30 above).

5.  Cal prop 37's defeat will result in most Californians sprouting an extra thumb or ear in the next decade. The good news is that 30% of us will be sterile so the population will shrink thereby reducing urban sprawl. 

6.  In Napa County the defeat of measure U (PUC-Angwin) and passage of measure V (non golfers now can enjoy a patty melt at the Chardonnay cafe) will destroy the ag preserve and turn us into another San Jose by 2015.7.  The passage of county measure S, however, will result in Napa County Airport becoming "Wine Country International Airport" so at least the new San Jose will have a decent airport.   

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Penny November 09, 2012 at 04:44 AM
Frankly I am most concerned about the extra ear or thumb Is there an antidote?
Cathy Gumina Odom December 04, 2012 at 03:34 AM
Comrade! How are my my friend? I think it was the second debate that started to scare me, all I could see was Obama pushing out all these programs and no one having a job to pay taxes for them. What if the 47% becomes the 99ers? Social programs are a great idea. But who is going to pay for them? He's banking on all the top 1 or 2 percentage on wealthy Americans? Ok....how many of the top Oners have passports already? How many with dual citizenship or airplanes? He's failing to realize how incredibly mobile these Oners are. They can pick up and move easily to any one of their 5 villas worldwide. And then it will trickle down, and down, and down, until it hits me. There's got to be a better idea. We need some really smart Republican idea guys and gals, smart cookies with economics pedigrees, to write, publish, speak, and get the message to the people. Hey I'm just a Mom here in Napa. But I can see rough four years ahead with polarizing sides.


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