Optimized secondary Cone crusher in sand making line

Cone Crusher for sale
Cone Crusher for sale
As is well known,stone crusher is the key equipment in the sand making line and gravel production line,Secondary crushing equipment plays most important role in complete production line, some enterprises in order to reduce production equipment costs and they choose the PEX jaw crusher,However,Great Wall company recommends the cone crusher as the secondary crushing equipment in sand making line and gravel production line.
Why is cone crusher used as secondary crushing equipment instead of jaw crusher?Great Wall company analysis the difference between cone crusher and jaw crusher.Firstly jaw crusher needs several sets to reach the same capacity as cone crusher capacity,on the other hand,there are much more wearing parts in jaw crusher,cone crusher has little maintenance time on quick wear parts. Impact crusher and hammer crusher are not suitable for secondary crushing machine,for the reason of cone crusher has better grained and uniform granularity.In the lone run,cone crusher is optimized secondary crusher in sand making line.


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