North Bay BMX Race Results 10/7/13

North Bay BMX in Napa held a USA BMX Single Points Race on 10/7/13. We had 6 Motos with a total of 21 Riders. These are the top 3 finishes from each division. For North Bay BMX practice, race schedule, Clinic and Free Community Track Time info call 707-256-0269 or go to http://www.northbaybmx.com or like us on facebook @ www.facebook.com/northbay.bmx


26-30 Cruiser

1. Jake Smith (Napa)

2. Christine Schiavone (Caledon Village, ON)

3. Michael Bennett (Napa)


46-50 Cruiser

1. Mike Savage (Wolcott, CT)

2. Steve Miller (Napa)

3. Scott Miller (Napa)


5 & Under Intermediate

1. Dillon Marney (Petaluma)

2. Jodi Marney (Petaluma)

3. Austin Broyles (Napa)


13 Intermediate

1. Coby Andrews (El Sobrante)

2. Benjamin Anderson (Napa)

3. Tia Raven (Vallejo)


36-40 Intermediate

1. Curtis Garlick (Novato)

2. Donnie Gomez (Napa)

3. Neil Evans (Napa)


9 Expert

1. Micah Kingman (Concord)

2. Gabriel Hall (Napa)

3. Tia Evans (Napa)


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