JUST SAY OUI to Painting in FRANCE

take a seat at the table
take a seat at the table
St. Helena Artist Nancy Willis
announces painting tour to Paris, Bordeaux and the Dordogne. June 5th to 15th.

From the back room at the Sennelier art store on the banks of the Seine, to the cave paintings of the Dordogne, Nancy Wi l l is will take you on a fantastic tour through French culture, seen through the eyes of a painter.

The tour includes three nights acclimating on the left bank in Paris, three amidst the grand wine chateaux of Bordeaux, and four in the soft fertile countryside at the edge of the Dordogne. The experience is designed to open your eyes to the particular nature of French sensations-- the city, the country, the light, food, wine, and the pace—and refract that experience into your painting.

nancy@nancywillis.com or 707.963.9410


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