Free Program Aims to Prevent Summer Learning Loss in Napa Valley

LearnBop (www.LearnBop.net), an online educational tool for math, has just released a new program to prevent summer learning loss. Students and teachers can use the program for free from now until the end of the summer. Most students lose about two months of learning over summer break. By high school, the accumulation of lost months can mean students have fallen behind grade level an entire year or more. LearnBop’s new program offers a solution to this summer learning loss. LearnBop focuses on learning math. Summer reading programs alleviate learning loss for English, but no such programs exist for math. LearnBop’s new program addresses this gap. In order to smooth the transition to summer learning, LearnBop has timed the release of its new summer program to overlap with the end of the school year. Teachers can begin using LearnBop’s pilot program for free right now to help students prepare for summer learning, and continue using it in summer school. Cindy Bryant, former National Council of Teachers of Mathematics board member and recipient of a Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics Teaching, will lead the summer program. Students can participate as part of a summer school class, or simply follow the program of study online from home. The LearnBop education model employs a unique blend of individual online work, one-on-one time with a teacher, and group work with the entire class. This approach maximizes the amount of attention each student receives from the teacher, and allows teachers to create tailored lesson plans to suit the specific needs of each student. LearnBop automatically generates reports to track the progress of each student. Teachers can use these reports to create individual lesson plans, form small groups of students who have similar needs, or decide that the entire class has mastered a subject before moving to the next one. Learn more about LearnBop and their new summer program by visiting their website: http://www.learnbop.com


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